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Systemic Risk in An Interconnected Banking System with Endogenousasset Markets
Marcel Bluhm, Jan Pieter Krahnen
Journal of Financial Stability 13 (2014) 75–94
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We analyze the emergence of systemic risk in a network model of interconnected bank balance sheets.The model incorporates multiple sources of systemic risk, including size of financial institutions, directexposure from interbank lendings, and asset fire sales. We suggest a new macroprudential risk manage-ment approach building on a system wide value at risk (SVaR). Under the SVaR metric, the contributionof individual banks to systemic risk is well defined and can be approximated by a Shapley value-typemeasure. We show that, in a SVaR regime, a fair systemic risk charge which is proportional to a bank’sindividual contribution to systemic risk diverges from the optimal macroprudential capitalization of thebanks from a planner’s perspective. The results have implications for the design of macroprudential capitalsurcharges.
JEL-Codes: C15 G01 G21 G28
Keywords: Systemic risk Systemic risk charge Macroprudential supervision Shapley value Financial network

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