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Adolescents, Cognitive Ability, and Minimax Play
Sen Geng, Yujia Peng, Jason Shachat, Huizhen Zhong
Economics Letters 128 (2015) 54–58
#002265 20160218 () Views:140
We conduct experiments with adolescent participants on repeated fixed play in three different zero-sum games which have mixed strategy minimax solutions. Further, we collect subject information on cognitive abilities and participation rates in competitive activities. We find the adolescents’ correspondences with and deviations from minimax play largely consistent with previously and widely studied adult populations. Further, we find strategic sophistication in terms of implementation of the mixed minimax strategy as well as earnings are not correlated with cognitive ability or experience in competitive situations.
JEL-Codes: C72 C93 D03
Keywords: Minimax Experiment Adolescent Cognitive abilities

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