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陈国进, 颜诚
系统工程理论与实验 2013年第1期,PP25-33
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本文使用一个三区制转换模型识别中国股市泡沫的非线性特征,刻画其动态演进过程,并探讨了异常交易量和超常收益率对三区制转换的解释作用。我们发现,上证综指泡沫的变化可以明确划分为潜伏、膨胀和破灭三种区制,异常交易量和超常收益率对于泡沫的区制转换有很好的解释作用,样本内和样本外预测都取得了较好的效果。 In this paper we employ a three-regime-switching model, to capture the nonlinear characteristics of the Chinese stock market bubble dynamics, and to test the explanatory power of heterogeneous beliefs for the regime-switching. We find that the bubbles in SHSE can be distinguished into dormant, explosive and collapsing three regimes, and the abnormal trade volume and the excessive return have the significant explanatory power of the regime switching.
Keywords: 股指泡沫,区制转换,异常交易量,超常收益率   stock market bubbles;  regime switching; abnormal trade volume; excessive return

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