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Impact Fees and Real Estate Prices: Evidence from Thirty-five Chinese Cities
Xiaofang Dong, Shihe Fu, Yufei Yuan
Frontiers of Economics in China 2013
#002181 20131014 (published) Views:136
Local governments often charge developers impact fees to finance local public goods. This has been practiced in the Chinese cities for more than two decades; however, no empirical studies have tested the effect of impact fees on real estate prices. Using a panel data set for 35 large and medium cities from 1998 to 2008, we find that impact fees lead to a significant increase in real estate prices. For a given city, an increase of impact fee by one yuan leads to an increase of about 5 yuan in the price of newly-built housing; a 1% increase in impact fee leads to an increase of 5 percentage points in the housing price index and 7 percentage points in the land price index.
JEL-Codes: H71, R30, R31
Keywords: Impact fee; Real estate price; Local public finance

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